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Residential Locksmith Services for Fort McMurray and Surrounding Areas

We Do More to protects so much.

Locksmiths have a reputation for being the service to call when you get locked out of the house, but did you know we can do so much more than that? Our training is in all things lock and key, which means your local locksmith team is in a great position to help you with all manner of changes to improve your home’s security. Whether it’s installing locks properly or setting up a master key system, we can provide you with the solutions to boost security for your home. Connect with our residential locksmith team in Fort McMurray for apartment and home locksmith solutions based on your individualized needs!

Residential Lock-smith services

What Can Fort McMurray Locksmith Do For You?

  • Key cutting, including key duplication for broken or worn-down keys
  • Rekeying locks after keys are lost or moving into a new home
  • Master key systems for homes, apartments, and other dwellings
  • Lock installation, repair, and replacement, particularly for loose or hard-to-turn locks
  • Break-in repair, including door repair and security hardware installation
  • Key duplication for sundry needs, including toolboxes, boats, file cabinets, cars, trucks, and more

Fort McMurray Locksmith

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Rekeying your locks is one of the most cost-effective and fastest ways to secure your home.

When we come out to your business or home, we remove the existing lock from the door, rekey, lubricate the door’s internal components, re-install the lock on the door, and then thoroughly test everything to ensure it is all working properly.

While we are at your site, we can furnish you with as many keys as needed.

Key & Lock Rekey Solutions

You might need to have your locks rekeyed in order to regain control over your key system. Frequently, past business operators, homeowners and tenants might have lost their keys or given them to past employees, a contractor, dog walkers or neighbours. Your building’s security, as well as yours, might depend on you being able to keep your key system secure.

It is a good idea to master key or rekey your building using a secure and new key system. If you need a lock to rekey within the Fort McMurray area, or a master key or key copy, contact us today and let our trusted residential locksmith professionals do the job for you.

Home & Apartment Solutions

If you’ve forgotten or lost the keys to your apartment, home, or another residential dwelling, give us a call and our locksmith service providers can unlock your building and make you a replacement key right then and there.

Our locksmith service trucks are equipped with all the tools needed to get into your apartment or home along with deadbolts and replacement handles needed for securing your door. If you need a residential door unlocked, we would be happy to help you.

Door Security Hardware & Break-In Repair

Business and home break-ins can be very disruptive.  Doors can either be crowbarred or kicked in to enter your home or building. Our Fort McMurray door repair service offers a wide range of security hardware for your business or home to repair the damage quickly from a break-and-enter occurrence.

Master Key Lock Systems

With a master key, you will have access to all locks keyed to your master key system.  With our expertise, we can build you a master key system.  These systems allow property managers and businesses to control who has access to their buildings.  

Duplicating & Key Cutting

Today’s locks are the most technologically advanced ever. Fortunately, our experts can copy keys, make new ones from broken keys, and duplicate large quantities of keys. Keys can also be made to fit toolboxes, showcases, boats, trucks, cars, file cabinets, and much more.

Lock and Key Products

We will certainly have an effective solution for your residential locksmith needs. If we don’t happen to have what you are searching for, then we can order it and deliver it to you within a couple of days. Our locksmiths will be able to help you with all your safe, padlock, toolbox lock, showcase, key, deadbolt, and handle needs.