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What, Exactly, Is Rekeying?

Your home is where you keep everything important, and where your family can safely live. So, of course it makes sense that home security is a concern to most of us. But did you know that better home security doesn’t necessarily start with a high-tech security system? It’s true! There are simple ways you can boost your home’s security, starting with rekeying.

Rekeying is what happens when a locksmith changes the pins inside a lock, forcing the lock to take new keys and stopping old keys from working. Rekeying provides the additional benefit of boosting your home’s security without needing to change lock hardware entirely. Rekeying is a quick and inexpensive way to make sure that any previous keys won’t work. Call Fort McMurray Locksmith today to learn more!

When should you have your locks rekeyed?

  • Any time you move into a new residence — whether it’s a newly built home or not
  • When you want to improve your home security without installing new locks
  • When your keys are old and worn and struggle to turn your locks
  • After a break-in, as long as the locks aren’t damaged

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