5 Steps to Take When Moving Into a New Home

With summer just around the corner, we know there are many new homeowners out there about to close on their house. While moving all your belongings and decorating your new home may be at the top of your list and even sound more fun, it’s important not to forget about security!

Here at Fort McMurray Locksmith, we’re your local locksmith who can help with a variety of tasks — including making sure your new locks are up to the task of protecting you and your family.

If this is an emergency situation and you need a 24/7 locksmith, then go ahead and call us right now! Otherwise, keep reading to learn more and then contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment

Buy a Safe

Whether it’s for prized family jewels, priceless photo memories, important paperwork, or emergency cash, a safe can go a long way in protecting your most valuable items. Make sure you install a safe that is waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy (so a thief can’t steal the safe itself). We recommend choosing a safe with redundant locks, meaning it has two locks, and ensuring it’s the right size for all your valuables ahead of time.

Consider the Lighting

Next up, think about the lighting around your home. By making sure your new home in the Fort McMurray area has a well-lit landscape, you can deter many would-be thieves who don’t want to be in the spotlight. Motion-activated lighting can definitely help, and you always have the option to go solar and save money!

Install a Security System and Cameras

Choose a security system that will provide you with the level of comfort you desire, whether that’s a basic system or a more complex, smart system. Make sure the security system includes cameras, which would be very valuable should something ever occur in or around your new home. You can even find security systems that offer smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring, so find one that suits your needs.

Secure Doors and Windows

Inspect your door frames, hinges, etc. to make sure they are strong and reliable. However, one of the biggest ways to protect yourself is simply by changing the door locks! Rekeying your new home in the Fort McMurray area, with the help of a locksmith, will change the lock hardware entirely — all while being quick and inexpensive. While you’re at it, go ahead and check your window security as well.

Update the Garage Opener

Last but not least, our local locksmith also recommends you update the garage opener. Often left behind by the previous owner, the garage opener should be updated to your unique code. You can also install a smart garage door opener and cover windows to help prevent theft and increase security.

We’re Your Locksmith in the Fort McMurray Area

Here at Fort McMurray Locksmith, we’re your go-to source for all things locks! Whether it’s rekeying your new home in Alberta or it’s our 24/7 locksmith helping you get back into your car, we’re at your service. Contact us today to meet with a locksmith.