6 Unexpected Locksmith Services You Can Benefit From

When most people think of a locksmith, it’s at an inopportune time and they’re locked out of their home or car. While we don’t necessarily want to be associated with bad memories for you, we’re happy to be the ones you call when you need help (and we hope we leave you feeling better than we found you!). 

That being said, there are a whole host of services we offer as your locksmith in Fort McMurray besides lockout services. While we can certainly help when you’re locked out of your vehicle or car, we hope you’ll call us in the many other situations when you need a locksmith as well! Keep reading below to learn more about our lesser-known services, and contact Fort McMurray Locksmith today to benefit from our professional, reliable, and timely service. 

Key Extraction

Whether you have the strength of the Incredible Hulk himself and broke your key or it was a bad combination of the key’s and car’s age that led to a broken key stuck in the door or ignition, we can help. Throughout Fort McMurray, we offer key extraction. We can safely remove pieces of a broken key from car locks (or house locks!) for you today.

Lock Change

There are multiple reasons you may need a lock change in Fort McMurray

  • The lock is stiff, so the tumbler doesn’t budge easily
  • The lock is loose, so you feel it wobble in the door
  • You hear grinding noises when turning the lock
  • You have to know just the right way to work the lock
  • Hardware is missing or loose
  • There are cracks or signs of damage

Business Security

If you’re a business owner in Fort McMurray, then you know just how vital it is to protect your employees, customers, and inventory. Our locksmith can help businesses with everything from lock repair, servicing, and installation to smart security installation, door installation and repair, and more.

Key Cutting & Duplication

Perhaps you just moved into a new home, a friend or family member is moving in with you, or you just found the best dog walker in Fort McMurray. Whatever it is, we’re here to help when you need key cutting or duplication. 

Bonus: We can also cut and duplicate electronic car keys!

Master Key Systems

Whether you want a master key system for your home, an apartment complex you manage, your place of business, or another dwelling, we have you covered. Control who has access to your buildings with ease when you have Fort McMurray Locksmith on your side.

Door Repair

One of our least known services as your locksmith is door repair! Better security starts with better doors, and we can handle everything from a door hanging loose in the frame to a deadbolt not engaging properly with the door frame.

We’re Your Locksmith in Fort McMurray

As you can see, there are plenty of ways our locksmith can help — including emergency lockouts. For help with all things lock and key, contact us today!